3444GAİP XƏBƏR:Who are fighting for the independence of South Azerbaijan Independence Party of South Azerbaijan (SAİP)

Türkiye'deydiler managers to make a series of interviews over the past week. Iran is still living under the repressive rule of Azerbaijan State of South Azerbaijan's independence and integration with existing Butov (United), Azerbaijan,which has been trying to make it happen in South Azerbaijan Independence Party (SEESP) Türkiye'deydiler managers to make a series of interviews over the past week. Period of time in Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey, where a series of interviews with persons and organizations engaged in a variety of South Azerbaijan Independence Party (SEESP) executives also visited Gökbörü Turkists Organisation.



Kızılay Square in Ankara on Sunday 17 July 2011 and up to the mausoleum of Ataturk By visiting yürünüp Basbug completed "and the commemoration of National Unity" also participated in the rally in South Azerbaijan Independence Party (SEESP) executives left Turkey on 18 July 2011.

Thirty-five million Turks living in South Azerbaijan, Khomeini's Islamic Revolution in 1979, the new edition from the terrible totalitarian rulers, were subjected to prosecution and punishment. Intended to be assimilated into the Persian Shia Islamic dictatorship for the sake of the struggle for national independence in South Azerbaijani cousins ​​who are dealing hundreds of unimaginable suffering of our compatriots and spurious criminal offenses (!) Whether the death, thousands of silenced by removing the dungeons are required. Awareness of Turkishness against the policies of the dictatorship of Fars standing against oppression and assimilation of tens of thousands of our compatriots in South Azerbaijani, Persian escape the tyranny of fascism, mainly in Turkey, Canada, Australia and European countries have had to seek gay porn asylum. Due to the safety of life in the countries of asylum are forced to start life anew the dictatorship of Fars cellâtlarınca this forgotten Azerbaijani Turks murdered brothers, sister, mother, father, son and relatives in the hearts of the pain of burying the case of the independence of South Azerbaijan to carry out an international level, all the poverty and impossibility, despite every effort to show. To this end, all countries in which organized a lobby created serious. All of these organizations established in the top of the roof of the South Azerbaijan Independence Party (SEESP) is the political wing of the international trial of the independence of South Azerbaijan. Currently in Canada, living in South Azerbaijan Independence Party (SEESP) Chairman Saleh ILDIRIM (Salih Yildirim) and party manager Dr. TURKISH Begleri Oguz Turks of South Azerbaijan Turks of Turkey against which we understand by what they had heard quite insensitive and ignorant live. South Azerbaijani kandaşlarımız: "Turkishness forget and abandon the national trials for"; Persian fascists, like sheep boğazlanmakta, no identities to be studied, to be assimilated using the Persian Shia etnodini starting to get the character required. Since the Persian fascism from 1979, as a result of atrocities carried out by increasing violence, thousands of Turks were executed and imprisoned tens of thousands and tens of thousands of our compatriots in Turkey due to life safety had to flee abroad. Relatives of the victim of the dictatorship of Fars that almost all of South Azerbaijan Independence Party (SEESP) managers at the same time i hear it stifles us untold suffering of the South Azerbaijani Turks congener the baht against the sons of the land did not fulfill our part, in accordance with the shame of being provoked and kahrını. South Azerbaijani Turks of Iran's persecution and assimilation policies of fascism still the bloody murderers Persian ministers of religion, but as a brother, you need to fuck. Historical facts, all the ruthlessness, once again, have shown that: Turk's brother, and only if, Turk! All of what happened to the Turks came trouble, which has been created out of blood brotherhood, fake and artificial brotherhood (!) Has. TÜRK Turks and EASY NO OTHER BROTHER, CAN NOT BE! This, the current reality for all Turks living in the world. One of the primary trials in Turkey Turkishness: SOUTH AZERBAIJAN TÜRKLÜĞÜDÜR! Bozkurtça it poses to the sons of Turks and Turkish cries of orphans all over the world to tıkasa ears, eyes, off with us, Gökbörü Turkists Organization, the effort has to be out and give to claim, laid upon us, our blood, we will see as a holy duty and worship.



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