Dear Honourable John Baird, Minister of foreign affair


We are pleased with the right decision of government of Canada, Canada! Thanks,

We are pleased with the right decision of government of Canada, to fully cut relations with terrorist and racist regime of Islamic Iran. After many years of asking Canadian government to reduce or cut relations with Iranian terrorist government, finally, Canada is in the correct path regarding Iran's racism, oppression, and terrorism.

In every resolution that we issued in many years of our struggle against Iranian occupation of South Azerbaijan, we asked the democratic governments and non governmental organizations to reduce or cut their relations with this barbaric regime of mollas. Now, alongside many other countries, and organizations, "Canada does the right thing".
Our struggle is for end of occupation from Persian-Iranian regime, for independence, and for freedom and democracy. Iran is now isolated more than ever. Now, Canada declared Iranian diplomats "persona non grata", and "designated Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism. The designation lifts Iran’s state immunity, opening the door for victims of Iranian state-sponsored terrorism to sue Tehran for damages". This is a good news for us, and a bad news for isolated Iran. Beside North Korea, and Syria, there is no real friend for Iran in the international community. Cutting relations with Iran, ejecting Iranian so called diplomats, and closing the embassy in Tehran, is a good news for South Azerbaijani Turks, and other oppressed nations of the prison of peoples called Iran. Thank you Canada.
We South Azerbaijani Turks, welcome this right decision, and thank Canada for being on the side of democracy and freedom.

Long live South Azerbaijan
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Saleh Ildirim Sept, 2012
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