Statement of South Azerbaijani Organisations in Response to the Turkic World Map Presented to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by Mr. Devlet Bahceli

Statement of South Azerbaijani Organisations in Response to the Turkic World Map Presented to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by Mr. Devlet Bahceli

We are writing on behalf of South Azerbaijani Organisations listed below this statement, in response to the Turkic World Map. This map was designed and gifted to Mr President by MHP Chairman Mr Devlet BAHCELI in his visit to the Presidential Complex of Turkey. The images that were taken of both politicians highlighting the Turkic World Map were featured in the Turkish World and world press.

This gesture carries a special significance, especially due to it occurring after the Istanbul summit of the ‘Organisation of Turkish States’.

The inclusion of independent Turkic states and unfree Turkic homelands on this map was appreciated by South Azerbaijani Turks and Turks living in Iran, as well as in the entire Turkish World. This development once again proved that the independent Turkish states were not indifferent to the fate of the unfree Turkish homelands. Whilst the map represents an exciting development for the Turkic world, and while it made unfree Turks happy, the map gave concern to the colonial powers. As a matter of fact, it has been proven in the most concrete way with the Karabakh Victory that this claim is not just a word, and it has been declared to the whole world that the Turkic World is truly a whole. For this reason, we owe it to ourselves to thank the two politicians once again.

In order for this positive action to be complete, we, as South Azerbaijani Organisations, consider it necessary to provide one further note on the subject. That is, as it is known to everyone, the geography of South Azerbaijan starts from the borders of Turkey and North Azerbaijan and continues to the adjacent lands up to Hamadan. Everyone who visits that region knows that Azerbaijani Turkish is spoken in those lands and the absolute majority of the population of that region are Azerbaijani Turks. However, in the designed map, the geography of South Azerbaijan was shown only up to the city of Zanjan, and therefore other Turkish regions such as Qazvin, Saveh, Hamadan, Karaj and Arak were not shown on the map. This situation caused anxiety among the Turks of South Azerbaijan and many of our citizens reached out to our institutions and expressed their concerns on this issue.

As South Azerbaijani organizations, we hope that the esteemed stateman, Mr Devlet Bahceli, will take this matter into account and make the necessary arrangements in this for future studies. May the Turkic Union be longstanding and have everlasting prosperity.


1- Azerbaijan Center Party (AMP)
2- Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization (Direnish)
3- Azerbaijan Student Movement (AZOH)
4- Freedom Front (GAMAC)
5- South Azerbaijan Independence Party (GAIP)
6- South Azerbaijan Democratic Party (GADP)
7- South Azerbaijan Democratic Turkish Union (GADTB)
8- South Azerbaijan Liberal Democratic Party (GALDP)
9- South Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (GAMOH)


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